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  • America shines brightest when concerned citizens come together and support a common and necessary cause. The destiny of America's equines lies in our hands.

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  • Equine Destiny

    Documentary, exposes mounting issues facing this country's equines

    Equine Destiny is a documentary exposing the mounting issues facing this country's equines. Throughout history, these animals have faced problems of abandonment and neglect. Today, these problems have reached a level that is unacceptable by our society.

    In 2007, already growing factors contributing to the mistreatment and wrongful deaths of America's horses were hit by a new force; the downturn in our economy. Thousands of horse owners around the country have been forced to part with their beloved companions without knowing their animals will be okay; sending them into the cold reality of starvation, disease, and slaughter for human consumption. There are no simple answers to these problems, but an immediate need for greater understanding to create positive and tangible solutions.  Learn more at EquineDestiny.com