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  • Hihimanu Group

    Ahava and Howard Wills founded Hihimanu Group to assist youth through personal, social, artistic and educational development, supporting them to grow, thrive and have harmonious relationships with each other and our planet.

    Our group is an alternative program to traditional public and private schools. From our core tutor, Matt Walsh, who has a Masters in education and curriculum development from Boston University, to visiting professional artists, the tutors who support the kids each day are highly skilled and excited by the subjects that they share, inspiring kids to find their passion. The ultimate goal of our project is to provide a brighter future for everyone who is part of Hihimanu Group!

    The location for Hihimanu Group is a creative indoor and outdoor space on five beautiful acres surrounded by thousands of acres of ranch land and state park, under the gaze of the Hihimanu Ridge on the North Shore of Kaua'i. Hihimanu means "spotted eagle manta ray" in Hawaiian, the most sacred of all stingrays. It moves like a bird underwater and glides with ease through the roughest of seas.

    Hihimanu Group supports youth in opening their wings and learning how to fly and to navigate through their lives with ease and grace like the spotted eagle manta ray.

    Hihimanu Group is now part of Inter-Nation Cultural Foundation (INCF)! All elements of INCF's vision are things that Hihimanu Group has been bringing into our project since its inception: science, art, culture, indigenous peoples, education and personal and global sustainability. We have been successful with our group for the past four years! Being part of INCF is our next step to help insure continued success in our mission. Our non-profit status helps us to raise funds, allowing us to bring in extraordinary people and programs to support our youth, and give scholarships to those participating in our group who need assistance.

    Please help us continue to help our youth by donating to Hihimanu Group!

    Our summer program offers a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) project, surfing lessons and art classes! Our fall program for fifth and sixth graders includes STEM, art, improvisation and theatre, language arts, math, science, social science, yoga, organic gardening and Hawaiian studies (including weekly Ho'oponopono, a heart-healing practice of reconciliation and forgiveness).

    All of our programs are framed with the values of love, respect and reverence for each other and our planet - a beautiful blend of Waldorf-based, academic-based and creative-based learning, taking place in an environment of honoring each person, supporting everyone to feel good about learning new skills personally and inter-personally.

    Please help us continue to help our youth by donating to Hihimanu Group!

    Aloha, Blessings, Thank You,
    Hihimanu Group